Behind the Brand 

In February of 2018 I did a big chop and hated my natural hair as it was starting to grow out. As a protective style I started getting into wigs. In my experience with purchasing wigs from various black owned hair businesses I ran into several issues with the hair quality and customer service. As a new wig wearer I was ultimately fed up and disappointed that there was not one business I could trust to deliver a good wig for me. In June of 2019 I took a trip to the beauty supply store, purchased some bundles, and created my own wig for the first time. I received so many compliments on that wig and it lasted for 2 years. I started researching the hair industry, learning from my mom who is a licensed cosmetologist and YouTube. Once I found a vendor and began practicing, the inquires started to flow in from my close friends and family. At the time this was just fun and a hobby to me but the more inquires I got, the more serious I became in making this an official business.

Bollywood Hair Co was established on June 6th 2021 & became an LLC on May 17th 2023.

Purpose: Provide high quality wigs that are long lasting for new and first time wig wearers. Starting your wig or hair extensions journey can be stressful, confusing and expensive but here we make it easy for you. Consider this another protective style from your natural hair. I have also provided essential hair care items to ensure you enjoy your hair as long as possible. 

Mission: Teach new wig wearers the basics about wigs, it's purpose, and how to properly style, maintain, and install them for years worth of wear. 

Values: Consistency, relatable, trustworthy, knowledgeable, confident 


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