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Bollywood Hair Co.



Are you ready to learn how to install, style and maintain your wigs? This box contains all the products you need to get started!


    The box contains the following items:

    • Mini Got2be invincible styling gel 
    • Bollywood Wig Hanger to store your units!
    • Bollywood Reversible Satin Bonnet for hair protection
    • Bollywood Hair Melt Band to keep your edges SLAYED
    • Silk Hair Scrunchie for protective styling
    • Carbon Fiber Comb- Heat Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Static Free
    • Butterfly Clips
    • 2 Wig Caps
    • Hair Razor to cut your lace
    • 3 in 1 Edge Brush to style baby hairs and spread out lace glue
    • Bollywood Hair Co Lace Remover Spray 
    • + a product gallery explaining each products use

    All boxes are on hand and ship between 2-3 business days

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    Hair Care

    • You should treat your raw hair as if it were your natural hair. Wash as needed with Suave Moroccan Oil Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner.
    • Always let hair air dry for the best results. For a faster dry, blow dry on cool or warm… never hot!
    • To detangle use a wide tooth comb from ends to root.
    • Use minimal product when styling hair. Heat protectant, sheen spray for shine, and holding spray are okay to use at a minimum.
    • For sleeping I would recommend adding our Nighttime Satin Set to your order.

    Lace Care

    • Cut the lace with an eye brow razor or scissors in a zigzag motion to achieve a natural hairline.
    • To tint the lace, lightly add foundation to your lace and/or wig cap for a scalp look.
    • Use your adjustable silicone elastic band for security.
    • For an adhesive I would recommend applying 1-2 layers of got 2 be gel.
    • Moose is great for baby hairs and maintaining a wet look for curly hair.
    • For a long lasting install I recommend adding our Bollywood Melt Band to your order.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    The wig install box was definitely a must with me being a first time wig user.

    Layla J

    I purchased my first wig from you and this was the PERFECT add on to help me install my wig. The lace looks like my scalp. I love it!

    Chante Curry

    I have this box and the products work wonders!!